Friday, January 17, 2014

Crash and Kindness

Two weeks ago Husband was in a car crash.  We're pretty sure that he totaled the car.  He went back to the body shop this week to empty the car and he took some pictures for me to see.

It was a very sobering experience.  The entire front end of the car crumpled and basically took the force of the crash, doing exactly what it was designed to do in a collision.

For that, I am extremely grateful to the designers and manufacturers of the Pontiac Vibe.  You probably saved my husband's life.

Two days after his accident, we drove the hour down to my parents' area to meet my mom for lunch.  My parents very generously offered to let us borrow their truck so that Husband could drive back and forth to work.  It was a long car ride because of the snow falling that day and Prima and Segundo were very ready to be out of the car.

Imagine three kids and three adults in the restaurant, a place I had been going to with my parents since I was a little girl.  The kids were wound up, we were a bit stressed from the weather and the accident.  We ate and entertained the kids, Prima and Segundo played games with Grandma on their placemats, and then we got ready to leave.

That's when we learned someone had paid our check for us.  A stranger in the restaurant paid for the six of us to eat.  They couldn't have known how deeply that would touch us or how much that gesture meant.  After two stressful days of worrying about getting Husband to work and the kids to school, then driving in the bad weather to pick up a car from my parents, this kind and generous person made our lunch that much more special and gave us some clarity during a crazy time.

Sometimes, I really believe angels live among us.  Sometimes, perfect strangers know exactly what you need.  Thank you to our stranger, you made a difference for this family!

Because we don't know who did this for us, we have been talking to Prima and Segundo about what it means to pay it forward.  How we can't ever pay this person back for their kindness, but we can show someone else a great deal of kindness and pay this forward. Now it's our turn.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Prima and Segundo believe in fairies.  They believe in elves, dragons, Santa, and most other fantastic creatures. To them, the snow sparkles in the sunlight because the fairies sprinkled the snow with sparkle powder, elves move things around in the house so we can't find them, and dragons exist.

In Prima and Segundo's eyes, the world is alive with magic; you just have to believe first in order to see it.

They live a life of wonder. A balance of curiosity about the science of the world and the magic of the world.  They are innocent and imaginative, view life in black-and-white terms of good and bad, and believe anything is possible.

I am tempered by my (albeit young) life, by the slow unveiling the gray shades of experience offer, where reason and logic outweigh wonder and imagination.  I see, read, and touch first, then I believe.  

I miss it.  I miss the simplicity of being a kid, the joy of the world, the magic.  I want it back.  I wish there was a way to balance the sometimes harsh reality of life with a sense of wonder for it all.  Life is beautiful and hard, full of elves and forgetfulness, fairies and science.  

I am lucky to have three little ones to teach me to find the wonder in life over again.  And just maybe we can find a way for them to keep their sense of wonder all their lives.