Sunday, June 29, 2014

10 Things to Smile About June 2014

I just found this great idea from Emmy Mom: 10 Things to Smile About!
This is such a great way to look back on the month, and I've been really slacking on my Grateful Friday posts, that I decided to join in.

Here are my 10 Things to Smile About for June 2014:

1. Field Day for Prima - I am so happy I got to participate and be the class leader that day.  It was wonderful to spend time with Prima and get to see her with all her classmates.  Her teacher is excellent and we had a great day!

2. Segundo lost his second tooth! - He kept his first tooth so this one he left for the tooth fairy.  When he found his dollar under his pillow, Segundo was so thrilled!  It's the little things, right? :)

3. Listening to Terzo sing the Thomas the Train theme song - He can sing the whole thing and it makes me smile every time!  Terzo has the cutest little kid voice and he loves to sing songs.

4. Our trip to Disney World - It was the best time, especially since it was just us.  I loved riding the rides with my kids and seeing their faces light up when we met the characters.  It was worth it!

5. Vacation time with My Other Half's family - We don't get together very often because we there are five families and we are spread out, but it was so nice to reconnect.  Prima loved her younger cousin, and my boys had fun wrestling and chasing their older cousins.

6. Eating home-grown pea pods - I love this time of year when we get to go out to the garden, pick some fresh pea pods, and eat them right away!  Plus, I could tell Prima and Segundo that they were eating food they had planted, watered, and grown!

7. Riding the wave runners with Prima and Segundo - I don't get time alone with just my big kids very often, so being able to do something fun and it just be one at a time was super special.

8. Strawberry picking - We spent last Monday afternoon with my parents and sister picking strawberries.  I'm pretty sure the adults did most of the work, but the kids had fun and enjoyed their donuts afterwards!

9. Ordering My Other Half's anniversary present - We don't do anniversary gifts every year, but this year will be our Tenth Anniversary.  I think I picked out something he will really like!

10. Watching my kids run around the backyard - A year ago, Terzo wasn't walking, let alone running, so seeing him race around the yard after Prima and Segundo makes me so happy.  Plus, I love running with them, too!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Disney Trip 2014

The week after school got out, we headed off to Florida for a ten-day trip to Disney World! 
Not the greatest picture, but we were in the car :)

Not only was this an incredible vacation for us, it was also a number of firsts.

This was the first time we have taken a trip just our immediate family.  We have only taken extended family vacations, with grandparents, aunts and uncles, so this was a refreshing experience.  While I enjoy spending time with our families and it is a wonderful way to catch up, it was so nice to not have to worry about what anyone else wanted or needed.  No waiting on anyone else or worrying about anyone else’s mood.  We could focus on us and our kids.  And if they needed to eat or nap or just blow off steam, we were the only ones affected.  There is a sense of relief in that, to know no one is waiting on us either.

We’ve never taken more than 9 hours to get to any destination.  To get to Disney World, we drove for approximately 17 hours over two days, a total of 1200 miles.  The first day the GPS said we had 700 miles to get to hotel for the night!  That was exciting for Prima and Segundo; they loved knowing how far we had to go, what state we were in, and what was coming next.  We packed books, audiobooks, crafts, DVDs, coloring stuff, and tons of snacks, and I spent about half the time in the back with them.  Prima, Segundo, and Terzo were fantastic in the car there and back!  Now they are seasoned travelers and we don’t have to worry about being in the car for a long time because we know they can do it.
We traveled across more than one state! 

This was the first time our kids had ever been to Disney World.  They were super excited about the trip, especially since it was a surprise when we told them three weeks before we left.  Prima actually said that she thought she would be much older before we ever went!  And it lived up to their expectations.  Prima and Segundo have been asked, several times, what their favorite part was and they have always answered “All of it!  We loved all of it!”  From meeting Mickey, the Princesses, and Winnie-the-Pooh characters, to all the rides and shows, it was better than expected. And, for us, totally worth it.
Meeting Minnie Mouse!

We had a great trip, and I am so glad we started our summer together!  

Where are you headed this summer?