Sunday, August 17, 2014

A New School Year

Prima and Segundo go to a Catholic School.  But sometimes, you would never know it.

This school year hasn't even begun and it's already been a bit...interesting.  Parents up in arms about teachers and students in classes.  What happened to compassion and understanding?  You know, the stuff Jesus was talking about?

Yes, some kids are harder than others and don't get along well with others.  But you deal with it and you teach your child to deal with it in a kind and compassionate way.  Because you remember that they are all just kids and you remember that they all have parents that love them, even the hard ones.  You remember that you are not perfect and neither is your child.

And yes, some teachers are better than others.  But just because one is spot on and one is more laid-back, it doesn't make either one wrong.  Again, you deal with it, and supplement if you feel the need or learn to go with the flow.

You tell your kid they will have a great year.  You teach your kid skills to deal with other kids, skills that will be good for the rest of their life when they have to deal with co-workers as adults.  You teach them to make the most out of what they learn in the classroom and what you teach them at home.

Catholic School or Public School, it doesn't matter, these are the kinds of things you will find everywhere.  You would hope that a Catholic School, based on the teachings of a kind, compassionate man, would deal with these things in a loving manner.  These past two weeks have shown me differently and it makes me sad.  Sad that we ask our kids to learn about our religion, but then don't follow it.  Sad that we are not living out the most basic law to love one another.  I'm not perfect and I'm sad to say I've been judgmental, as well.  But I'm willing to change.

Starting with me, I'm going to approach this year with love and compassion for all the students and teachers.  We'll deal with issues as they come up with kindness.  For my kids and myself, it is going to be a good year.

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