Friday, August 15, 2014

This Is About Respect (Or the Lack Of)

There is a blatant disregard for Human Life in this world.

We think nothing of killing another Human, hurting, abusing, shaming

The problems in Gaza, Iraq, Africa, Chicago and Ferguson.  The problems with sexism and racism and religious persecution.  It is all this: We don't Respect our fellow Humans.  We don't believe everyone on this planet has a right to live.  If we did, then Humans wouldn't be starving to death, gunned down for looking different, abused for power.  If we truly believed that Every Human has value and a right to live, no matter how they choose to live, then maybe there wouldn't be riots in Missouri and a war-zone in Chicago and bombings in Iraq.

But that's just it.  We think Humans only deserve Respect if they behave and believe like ourselves.  If you don't share my beliefs, race, gender, then you don't matter.  You are a toy to use, abuse, and throw away.  Or you are simply invisible, not even worthy of notice.

EVERY HUMAN MATTERS.  Catholic, Muslim, Wiccan.  African, Mexican, Polish, Iranian.  Female, Male.  It absolutely does not matter who you are, you are Human and you deserve to be Respected.

We don't Respect Life on this planet, Human Life, Animal Life, Plant Life.  We just don't care.  We send our Humans to kill other Humans, all for what?  We end the lives of thousands of Humans because they go to a different place to worship, have a different color skin-tone, are female instead of male.  We destroy each other, day after day after day because we fear what we do not understand.  And we definitely do not understand that we are all a part of each other.


Why don't we understand that when one of us is hurt, we are all hurt?  When one Human dies, we all die with them?  Every day a fellow Human is hurt or killed by another Human.  EVERY DAMN DAY.  We inflict pain and death on ourselves, we allow other Humans to inflict pain and death.  We have no Respect for Human Life.




  1. It baffles me. Whenever I see something bad happen to someone, I think that could be me, that could be my child, that could be my husband... that helps keep it in perspective.

  2. Yes this. I die a bit more inside every time I learn of another death... and there are countless deaths...every single human being deserves to live as they believe. PERIOD.

    Disrespect indeed. Our human race often disgusts me...