The Inspiration Behind the Blog

My Other Half - He is my wonderful husband of almost 10 years!  We were high school sweethearts who managed to stay together through five years of college (My Other Half is one year older than me) at two different places.  He is the opposite of me in many ways, and yet we manage to complement each other so well.  He works many hard and long hours so that I can stay home with our kids and I am so very grateful.  He is always there when we need him, too!

Prima - She is my first child, a wonderful little girl full of questions and creativity.  She adores books, especially fairy tales and princesses.  She can out-read, out-argue, and out-sass even the best of them! She is stubborn and sweet, a wonderful big sister, and the most affectionate of the bunch. Often in her own world, she makes up stories based on the hundreds of books we have in the house and acts them out.  Reading is her true passion!

Segundo - He is my second child, a happy and generous rough-and-tumble boy.  He enjoys building with blocks and legos and make believe.  He is completely in love with anything that moves: cars, trains, planes, trucks, you-name-it! Give him some blocks and he can make a truck, give him some crayons and paper and he will draw a train. His stories and playtime usually involve some sort of truck or car getting into all kinds of adventures. He is extremely independent and wants to do everything on his terms. He is very exacting and when he gets an idea in his head about how things should go, that is exactly how they need to go!  He can often be seen wearing his cape, pretending with his sister as they save the world. 

Terzo - He is my third child, full of spark and energy.  He loves music and cars and trucks.  He is usually trying to get into mischief and loves doing what the older two do.  He is addicted to all things electronic, opening and closing doors, and pushing buttons.  
 He loves snuggles and being sung to.  His current favorite saying is "I using that!" because he wants to play with everything. 

*These are not their true names, although that would be pretty cool! :)*

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